Where would you like to go?

In the last 30 years, travel has been totally transformed. Now, it’s easier than ever to venture across the globe to the most far-flung destinations…while nearer home there’s more choice and variety than you could ever imagine. And wherever you want to visit on planet Earth, Henbury Travel can take you there.


This is the place that really does have it all. Snow-capped mountains to soft sandy beaches; historic capitals teeming with iconic museums, galleries and landmarks to sleepy, rustic villages untouched by the modern world. With a huge variety of cultures, traditions and cuisines too, Europe most definitely has something for everyone.

North America & The Caribbean

From Canada to Cuba, New York to Nassau, the sheer variety here is astounding. Packed with landmarks made famous in song, film and literature, prepare to be blown away by the dream-like islands of the Caribbean, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Las Vegas, and the friendly welcome and fantastic scenery north of the border.

Africa & Indian Ocean

Those in the know have discovered the beauty and wonder Africa and its neighbouring islands have to offer. South Africa is a delightfully eclectic mix of cultures and peoples with a welcome like no other, while the wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania is legendary. Add the idyllic attractions of Zanzibar, Mauritius, the Maldives and the Seychelles and you have an unforgettable combination.

Australia & New Zealand

With its fascinating landscapes, unique wildlife and perfectly laid-back culture, is it any wonder Oz is one of our most popular destinations? It’s perfect combined with the natural wonders of NZ too, with its strangely European feel, adrenaline-junkie activities and other-worldly scenery made even more famous by the Lord of the Rings films.

Asia & The Far East

Currently the destination to head for, the area covering India, China, South-East Asia and Japan throws together an incredible mix of cultures, history and natural wonders, together with some of the most exciting cities on Earth. Colourful, vibrant and frenetic, it’s a part of the world not to be missed!

Middle East

Guaranteed sun and warmth, clear blue waters and some of the best hotels anywhere – what’s not to love about the Middle East’s holiday destinations? The soaring towers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi sharply contrast with the ancient traditions of this desert region, with attractions galore for all ages from shopping to theme parks to world class sport.

South America

From the spectacular scenery of Patagonia to Chile and Argentina’s wine regions, and the Inca Trails of Peru to Brazil’s coastal resorts, South America is on the rise in terms of popular holiday choices. It’s a lively, pulsating continent with so much to offer – get your trip in now, before the crowds arrive!